Chemistry and clinical medicine discipline into the ranks of the top 1% global ESI
Tuesday, 26 November 2019 15:46


According to Thomson Reuters the latest data, chemistry, clinical medicine two disciplines into the ESI ( Essential Science Indicators ) global top 1% ranks.

ESI is a world famous academic information publishing institution -- the United States Information Technology ( ISI ) in 2001launched a Xiang Wenxian evaluation analysis tool, is a based on SCI, SSCI and AHCI included in the global more than 11000 academic periodicals of about 10000000records and the establishment of the metric analysis database. National Education Department has been regarded as the evaluation index of discipline development of colleges and universities.

ESI by Citation Rankings, Most Cited Papers, Citation Analysis and Commentary4part. Database to citation analysis as the basis, for the22 fields of expertise, by calculating the number of papers, citation number, Average Citations Per Paper and Averages, Mean Year, Normalized Co-citation, citation thresholds and other indicators, from all angles of the countries the level of scientific research, Journal of reputation and influence, and scientific institutions and scientists to conduct a comprehensive measure academic level, and the current are studied in depth and breakthrough in scientific fields to reflect.

Chemistry and clinical medicine two disciplines into the ranks of the top 1% global ESI, fully embodies the"211Project" construction results, show that our school in the key research fields of international standards and the influence on the school subject construction work, it will play a positive role.