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The 2012 Forum of Chinese Universities’ Professional Voluntary Service Development held at STU
Friday, 14 December 2012 16:15


From December 13 to 14, the 2012 Forum of Chinese Universities’ Professional Voluntary Service Development was held at Shantou University. This activity was sponsored by the Li Ka Shing Foundation, hosted by Shantou University and China Youth University for Political Sciences (CYU), and undertaken by the Medical Treatment &Poverty Relief Office of the Medical College of Shantou University. Sun Guanghui, the Deputy Secretary of Shantou Municipal Party Committee, Professor Song Yaozhen, the Secretary of the Party Committee at STU, Professor Ni Bangwen, the Secretary of the Party Committee at CYU, Doctor Luo Huifang, the Senior Manager of the Li Ka Shing Foundation’s charity projects, and other distinguished guests attended the opening ceremony. There were also volunteers of various universities, youth leaders of commonweal, social charity organizations, and other philanthropies. They conducted a deep discussion about the development of the professionalization of the Chinese Voluntary Service.


The topic of this forum was “Service-learning, Self-growth”, which advocated the “dedication culture” and “professional voluntary service”. This forum offered an open, professional, and interactive exchange platform for volunteers of various universities, youth leaders of commonweal, and social charity organizations. It aimed to promote communication and cooperation between the universities of the mainland and the universities of Hong Kong and Taiwan area in the field of service learning and commonweal education. Besides, it expected to provide the foundation for the internationalization of Chinese higher education and the reformation of higher education. Meanwhile, it aimed to improve the awareness of the youth towards voluntary service, absorb more forces into the teams doing charity, and enhance the influence and appeal of Chinese philanthropic sector involved in voluntary service.


There were four parts of the forum: the opening ceremony, the keynote speeches, the guest lectures, and the exchange meeting of commonweal as a sub-forum. The opening ceremony was hosted by Professor Shi Ganggang, the Medical College’s Secretary of the Party Committee at STU. The distinguished guests, Doctor Luo Huifang, Professor Song Yaozhen, and Professor Ni Bangwen, addressed the gathering to share knowledge about the activities. The keynote speeches were delivered by Ding Yuanzhu and Jiang Xunqing, from the decision advisory board of China National School of Administration. They focused on the macro situation of voluntary service both at home and abroad and professional research. The guest lectures were given by student representatives or youth leaders from different universities: STU, CYU, Hong Kong Lingnan University, Beijing Normal University – Hong Kong Baptist University, United International College, Nanchang University, Touch Community Services (Singapore), Chinese Culture University (Taiwan). They all introduced and shared the development conditions of voluntary service in their own universities and how service learning promoted students’ growth. During the exchange meeting of commonweal, professionals, teachers, and students shared their practical experiences of service learning with each other. They also exchanged views on issues of the sustainable development mechanism and of the development of Chinese higher education in commonweal.


In response to the forum’s topic, “the exhibition on Chinese universities’ achievements of commonweal” was specially held. This arrangement gained high attention and affirmation from honorable leaders, distinguished guests, teachers, students, and social organizations present there. The exhibition displayed the achievements of various university and social voluntary service organizations in the field of voluntary service. It offered an interactive exchange platform for universities and social organizations attending at the forum, and provided sources for innovative social service. This exhibition fully publicized the spirit of voluntary service, extended the course and achievements of professional voluntary service’s development in China, and raised students’ awareness of civic responsibility.


Translated by Liao Cuifang