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Mr. Leung Wendao and Professor Wang Shouzhi, both Celebrated Intellectuals, Gave A Talk on Learning
Tuesday, 26 March 2013 16:22


On the evening of March 20, the celebrated intellectual Mr. Leung Wendao delivered a lecture accompanied by Professor Wang Shouzhi, the dean of Cheung Kong School of Art and Design. They narrated their experiences of growing up in the form of a dialogue and shared their views on reading. The venue of this event was in the Science Lecture Hall. Over the years, Mr. Leung has had hundreds of reviews published in the major media platforms, involving a wide spectrum of areas, which include current affairs, financial reviews, cultural reviews, films, food culture, book publishing, ecological environment, lyrical prose and so on. He has wide ranging and vast knowledge in the sphere of media.


As a prelude, Professor Wang and Mr. Leung sprinkled the lecture with some humorous episodes, which immediately triggered off the audience into peals of laughter. During the course of the commendable lecture, applause from the audience resounded in the auditorium frequently. Questions were being put forth by Professor Wang, which were being answered promptly by Mr. Liang. Their dialogue centered on the theme, “reading”. It related to the studying experiences of Mr. Leung, his perspective on literature, the dependency of art on knowledge and his ideas on philosophy.    


According to him, Mr. Leung spent a wonderful period during his childhood in Taiwan. In elementary school, he was intensely curious and passionate about the knowledge of the living environment and geographical locations of ancient civilizations. When reading a book, he always drew a map on a piece of paper as he went along. During that phase of his life, he found a special affection towards graphs. Recapitulating his student life, while in elementary school, Mr. Leung, on a lighter note, referred to himself as a freak back then. This jocular comparison ticked the attentive audience into laughter once again. 


In 1989, Mr. Leung was offered an opportunity to study at Harvard University. He disclosed that the concentrated learning atmosphere in Harvard University was metaphorically infectious even at that time. Therefore, he germinated a dream to study in Harvard University; however, a good background of the English language was necessary, even at that time. To this end, he frequently took recourse to study in the library. He read English books with a voracious appetite and looked up new English vocabulary, as he went along. Subsequently, providence had no option but to finally grant him success as his reward.


As far as speed in reading books and judging the quality of a book were the concerns, Mr. Leung believed that a sufficient amount of reading could garner a corresponding experience in judging the quality of a book. As for the speed in reading, he believed that it would automatically improve in time. He surmised appropriately with the cliché that “practice makes perfect”. He then went on to cite and analyze a number of actual instances for the benefit of the audience. The audience aptly reciprocated with roars of laughter and rounds of applause for his innovative, logical, comprehensive and mesmerizingly interesting explanations, laced with tactful humor. 


The two intellectuals shared their studying experiences in the course of the dialogue, which benefited the audience immensely from the perspective of the wisdom of the talk. The experiences of Mr. Leung highlighted to the audience that if one wanted to succeed, one needed to study hard while others around preoccupied themselves with other things!        

Translated by Cygnus