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STU’s Medical College Won the First Prize of the 4th National Medical College Student Clinical Skills Competition in Southern China Division
Monday, 22 April 2013 16:05


The 4th National Medical College Student Clinical Skills Competition in Southern China Division was held on April 12, in Nanning, capital city of Guangxi province. It was sponsored by the Medical Education Clinical Teaching Research Centre of the Chinese Ministry of Education and was organized by Guangxi Medical University. Twelve strong teams from three provinces of southern China competed with each other. They were from different medical colleges of various universities, namely Sun Yet-sen University, Shantou University, Southern Medical University, Jinan University, Guangdong Medical College, Guangzhou Medical College, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, Medical College of Shaoguan University, Guangxi Medical University, Guilin Medical University, Youjiang Medical University for Nationalities as well as Hainan Medical College. Shantou University’s team was formed by Wei Hongfa, Mai Ruizhi, Guo Shaowei and Lin Jiaxin; who are all students of Grade 2007 of the Medical College. During the competition, their remarkable composure, standard operation, smooth movement and excellent performance, ushered them towards a coveted win; as also enabling them to score the second highest total points. Their magnificent effort made them the singular choice for the first prize in the zonal competition; thus enabling them to qualify for the national finals.

The selected contestants from STU, for this competition were the recommendations of the First Affiliated Hospital. Both the Medical College and the hospital had directed their unflinching attention towards the competition. The preparation had started from July, 2012. A steering group was established, offering personalized guidance of the leaders of the Medical College. The hospital’s Department of Science and Education took it as their responsibly to select and train the contestants. The excellent core teachers of clinical education in the hospital had organized a three-stage training program to help enhance the capabilities of clinical thinking, clinical practice and model operations of the students. In the first stage, eleven students were selected through a comprehensive assessment, expert recommendations, interviews and other examinations. The eleven students attended training sessions at various clinical departments. There they received training in clinical skills and model training in practical rooms to develop their capabilities of clinical practices. In the second stage, six contestants and alternate members were selected from among those eleven students. They practiced clinical skills comprehensively and received further intensive model training in practical rooms. In the third stage, under the arrangement and care of the Teaching Affairs Department of the Medical College, the contestants received intensive specialized training. During this stage, the contestants were trained by teachers from the First Affiliated Hospital, the Second Affiliated Hospital, the Ophthalmology Centre and the Clinical Skills Centre of the Medical College. One teacher instructed one student, by holding examinations instead of mere practice. The contestants were completely engaged in high intensity training to improve their proficiency in clinical practices and to foster a good psychological platform, to enable them to accommodate alterations.

The excellent performance by the competing team, in the zonal competition was the collective outcome of the sincere endeavors of the contestants and of the painstaking efforts of the teachers from the First Affiliated Hospital, various clinical colleges and the Clinical Skills Centre. The 4th National Medical College Students Clinical Skills Competition Finals have been declared to be held from May 18 to May 20 at Central South University. Presently, the Medical College has arranged for the best instructors to spare no efforts to prepare the contestants for the ultimate goal, which is to strive for the epic success in the finals.

Translated by Liao Cuifang