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David Ng Ka-sing, the Former Hong Kong Press and Public Relations Officer Visits STU
Friday, 10 May 2013 16:48


The former Hong Kong Press and Public Relations Officer, Dr. David Ng Ka-sing visited STU from the 7th till the 9th of May honoring the request of the university.

On the afternoon of 7th May, Dr. David Ng Ka-sing delivered a speech on the relationship between Crisis and PR management in the affairs of the government. The event took place in the library lecture room. The Dean of the Law School, Professor Peng Wenhao hosted the lecture. In his introduction, Mr. Ng. Ka-sing disclosed that he had joined Hong Kong Police in 1977. Ng. was the Chief of the Department of Public Relations in Hong Kong and the spokesman for Hong Kong Police. One of his functions was crisis management. He was the officer in charge of Hong Kong Interpol, dealing with international affairs and cross-border crimes. He was awarded the Hong Kong Police Medal for Distinguished Service. In addition, David Ng. Ka-sing is a visiting lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and at the Open University of Hong Kong.

Dr. Ng. said that crisis was both a challenge and chance. Based on his own experiences, he presented the tactics, modes of communication, mechanisms and principles involved in crisis management. He explained how the level of media management could be enhanced through the proper tackling of any crisis, so as to improve the ability of crisis detection, its prevention and management.

On the evening of 8th May, Dr. Ng. shared with the student delegates, his feelings during his thirty five years of service dedicated to the people and the community. He explained the acronym TIPS with four words: Transparency, Integrity, Passion, and Service, which had been a motivating motto in his life. He used the acronym as a pun, as he suggested that it was a tip from Dr. Ng. to the students. During his visit, he met and had dinner with Executive President Gu Peihua. David also visited the library and the Lee Ka Shing Foundation Office.


Translator: Elena Yang