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The Debate Team of Law School Won the Third Place of the 8th Law Debate Competition
Monday, 03 June 2013 11:39


From May 17 to 19, the 8th Law Debate Competition among universities in Guangdong Province was held at Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus. The debate competition was sponsored by the Communist Youth League of Guangdong Province and Guangdong Union of Students, hosted by Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus. There were twelve teams from Guangdong Province. This was the first time for Shantou University’s debate team of Law School to participate in the competition. After nearly a month of careful preparation and rounds of fierce competition with top teams from law schools of Jinan University, Guangdong Business College, and Shenzhen University, STU debate team won the Third Place with outstanding performance.


This debate competition attracted many excellent debaters. Their competition was very exciting. In the first group game, STU debate team of Law School competed with the team of Jinan University. STU debaters won the first round with their confidence and agility. In the second group game, STU team encountered another top team, the team of Guangdong Business College’s Law School, the champion of three Law Debate Competitions in the past. Facing with tricky questions and intense attack from the opponent team, STU team members kept calm and responded flexibly. The two teams engaged in a fierce debate about whether Hong Kong should set regulation to restrict milk powder export or not. During the competition with the debate team of Shenzhen University’s Law School, STU debaters also gave full play to their debate skills and their elegance, which won them much applause from audiences.


After the competition, the debaters of STU’s Law School joined in a deep discussion on law debate with debaters from other school. Through the exchange of experiences and feelings about debate, STU students established a deep friendship with other debaters. In addition, they recognized their strength and weakness more clearly. In the following studies, they will learn from experiences and improve their capability, in order to obtain better results and to win honor for STU in the next year.


The Law School of Shantou University has valued the cultivation of students’ professional quality, critical thinking, and expression ability. The Law Debate Competition is the first class debate competition among universities in Guangdong Province. It provides law students with a platform of learning and communication. The 8th Law Debate Competition had promoted the friendship among Law Schools of different universities, had improved students’ professional competence and comprehensive ability, and had displayed the elegant demeanor of law school students. The members of STU debate team will make persistent efforts for another great success. 

Translated by Liao Cuifang