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STU Held “Hello Antarctica! — Polar Region, Ocean, Expedition, Culture Exhibition”
Tuesday, 28 May 2013 11:56


On May 20, the “Hello Antarctica! — Polar Region, Ocean, Expedition, Culture Exhibition” was officially held at the first floor of Shantou University’s Library. The exhibition was sponsored by the Cheung Kong School of Art and Design and the Student Affairs Department, co-organized by the Marine Biological Laboratory and Hong Kong Discovery Co., Ltd, hosted by the student team of creative industry programming and management major.


The exhibition includes two parts, graphic and text material display panels, and large marine organism specimens. The exhibition will last to the end of June. It aims to improve teachers and students’ understanding of polar region, ocean, and global warming. It also attends to cultivate students’ awareness of environmental protection and sense of social responsibility.


Many distinguished guests have visited the exhibition. They are Li Dan, the Vice President of Shantou University, Yu Hong, the Director of Student Affairs Department, Li Yuanyou, the Associate Dean of College of Science, Yang Minghua, the Director of the Library of STU, Yu Shanyan, the Vice Director of the Publicity Department, Li Aiyi, the Administrative Director of the Cheung Kong School of Art and Design, Zhang Yi, the teacher of the Cheung Kong School of Art and Design, Miss Mai Yongshi of the Li Ka Shing Foundation, and Mr. Chen Jiajun of HK  Discovery. They approved of the overall outcome of the exhibition. They also gave some valuable advice on the details of the exhibition. For example, more detailed introductions of the specimens would make the exhibition more interesting. Vice President Li Dan praised the students who engaged in the exhibition design. He declared proudly, “Our students!”


According to a junior, one of the students of creative industry programming and management major who designed the display panels, they had spent four months on design and production since they got the design task at the end of January this year. Although this task was related to their major, they still encountered many difficulties, such as how to select popular scientific materials that were meaningful but not too boring. She expressed that she had learned a lot during the process.


In addition, there was an online game with prizes, “Award Answer-Question,” during the period of the exhibition. STU students can scan QR code to access to the online quiz about the Antarctic. This activity aims to encourage more teachers and students to participate in and enable them to experience a special culture of polar region.                        


It is known that besides this exhibition, there is another exhibition about polar region, “Marine Organism and Expedition Equipment Exhibition”, under preparation. It is believed that it will be held soon so that STU teachers and students will understand the Antarctic from more perspectives.

Translated by Liao Cuifang