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The 2013 International Conference on Topology Held at STU
Wednesday, 11 September 2013 16:57


From August 10 to 16, the 2013 International Conference on Topology was grandly held at Shantou University. More than 70 experts and scholars attended the conference. They were from over 20 universities at home and abroad, such as Free University (Netherlands), University of Tsukuba (Japan), Nanjing University, Dalian University of Technology, Sichuan University, Hunan University, Northwest University, Beijing University of Technology, Chengdu Electronic Technology University, Suzhou University, Capital Normal University, Nanjing Normal University, and Anhui University of Technology.
The opening ceremony was held in the Science Lecture Hall in the morning of August 11. At first, Professor Hasi Wulan, the chairman of the organizing committee and the Vice President of STU, gave a welcome speech. On behalf of STU, Vice President Wulan warmly welcomed the distinguished guests present at the conference and gave them a brief introduction to STU. Vice President Wulan also wished the conference a complete success. The conference then followed the passionate speeches gave by two honorable guests. They were Professor Jan van Mill, the guest speaker, and Professor Liu Yingming, the chairman of the academic committee and the academician of Sichuan University. The opening ceremony was presided over by Professor Lou Zengjian, the Dean of STU’s College of Science. 


Mr. Jan van Mill, the internationally renowned mathematician, and more than ten Chinese experts on topology were invited to give academic reports in the conference. The conference had provided a high-standard platform for the exchange of ideas about the latest development of topology. This was a grand international meeting of topology in recent years. During the conference, Mr. Jan van Mill delivered a special report called “Groups of homeomorphisms” for ten hours. He perfectly applied the tools from algebra to solve some complicated problems of topology and thoroughly demonstrated mathematical thought and the beauty of simplicity in mathematics. Mr. Jan van Mill’s report was composed of simple terms but very profound. The report had won him rounds of warm applause. Besides, there were another 20 reports about general topology, infinite-dimensional topology, algebraic topology, geometric topology, topological dynamical system and other topological topics. In the conference, the experts introduced their latest discovery and achievements on topology research. They also exchanged ideas with each other and held in-depth discussion about some problems of topology. The conference had offered the postgraduates a great opportunity to learn and communicate, as well as had aroused their learning interests. The conference had also encouraged the postgraduates to climb the peak of science bravely as well as had cultivated their mathematical thought.


The success of the conference marked the vitality of the topology research in the world, reflected the continuous improvement of topology research in China, and displayed STU’s international influence in this field. The conference played a crucial role in improving the communication between Chinese experts in topology and experts from other countries as well as further promoting the development of topology research in China and of the discipline construction of topology in STU. Through this conference, STU had demonstrated to the experts at home and abroad her theory on school management, her education environment, and her scientific research achievements. The teachers and students of STU’s Department of Mathematics had learned the frontier problems of international topology research and had shared ideas with the experts at home and abroad. This was undoubtedly conducive to improving STU’s educational activities and scientific research.

Translated by Liao Cuifang