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STU’s students win the first place of International Creative Engineering Design Competition 2013
Saturday, 18 January 2014 16:25


From Dec. 2nd to 5th, 2013, International Creative Engineering Design Competition 2013 (CEDC) was held in the International Exchange Center of Dalian University of Technology. Under the guidance of Prof. Zhuang Zhemin and Prof. Li Fenlan, the team formed by Xie Jiahui, Zhang Yuancheng, and Chen Xiaolun, the undergraduate students of Grade 2011 from the Department of Electronics of College of Engineering, won the first place. Most of the contestants were graduate students, but STU’s undergraduate students went through the furious competition and managed to acquire the affirmation of all judges with their project, which called “Interactive Smart Home and Security System. ”


The winning project focuses on user experience. The smart home system is based on a wireless sensor network, using PCs or mobile terminals for remote monitoring. The system consists of several parts -- the indoor smart home appliance network architecture based on the Internet and the wireless sensor network, the design of smart home appliance with security function, a remote server, and the client application of interactive interface based on Android and Windows. After home appliances are remolded and redesigned, the Smart Home and Security System can remotely monitor smart home appliances through the Internet and the wireless sensor network. The Security System is seamless connected to smart home appliances. The integrative design combines the concepts of smart home and security, ensuring that the security system is hidden and practical, in order to control smart appliances in real time as well as display the virtualized data of their performance and security state.


The aim of CEDC is to encourage students of engineering from different countries to communicate and learn with each other on the same platform. It requires students to solve problems in reality with creative designs, to accomplish the project with great ideas of engineering design, and to display their talents in design and manufacture in front of famous experts of the world. The submitted project proposal and product prototype must be creative and practical. The methods of analysis and design should be complete and there should be a final report. The most important is that the project must be accomplished. In 2013, there were 33 projects applied for the competition. They were from undergraduate students and graduate students from various universities at home and abroad, such as Yamaguchi University of Japan, Seoul National University of South Korea, and Dalian University of Technology. The official language of the competition is English. The competition included presentation of project, spot demonstration, Q&A and other parts. The judges were senior experts from China, Japan, and South Korea.


STU has carried out EIP-CDIO engineering education reform since 2005. STU absorbs advanced engineering education concepts of the world, lays emphasis on cultivating students’ ability in system engineering technology, especially in conception, design, development and implementation of a project. STU also aims to improve students’ capability of self-learning, organizing, communication and cooperation, ultimately to build up a curriculum system that is in line with international engineering education standard. In early 2006, STU joined the CDIO international organization. It was the first Chinese university member in the organization. The success of STU’s team this time demonstrates the substantial results of STU’s reform of engineering education again.



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Commissioning Editor: Wu Bin  

Translator: Liao Cuifang