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STU Science Institute Won the First Prizes in Three Awards in ‘Ability Storm Cup’- Chinese Education Robot Contest
Monday, 01 December 2014 16:13


The 15th ‘Ability Storm Cup’- Chinese Education Robot Contest, was officially opened from 14th November to 16th November in Shanghai University of Engineering Science. 1200 competitors from 28 provinces, cities and municipals in China gathered in Shanghai with their variety of great talented robots, providing us a robot competitive show which is quite influential in domestic educational circle.


Led by Science Institute General Party branch Secretary Liu Yuzhou, instructor Gu Minqiang and Youth League Committee Zhang Liting, Shantou University’s robot team was divided into three groups to participate in the two competitions of innovative robot and fire-fighting robot. After three days’ exciting competition, the team won the first prizes in three awards with the total score being among the best of all the competitive teams.


The annual ‘Ability Storm Cup’- Chinese Education Robot Contest, was developed from ‘Future Partner Cup’- Chinese Intelligent Robot Contest that firstly opened in 2000, which has been the current comprehensive robot competition with the longest history, largest scale and widest cover in China, also an ideal communication forum for various robot fans.


The competition of innovative robot has always been regarded as the most challenging and difficult and the most significant project of the whole contest. This year’s topic of innovative robot competition means to set up a bio-robot with the requirement of using the innovative external members that have been used in the ‘energy source’ project in the variety of big systems before. Those materials are more suitable for setting up mechanical arm, machine tool or assembly line than bio-robot, which has increased a lot of difficulties for this year’s competition. The 5 students on behalf of Shantou University in innovative robot competition are Tan Peiyi (Mathematics Department), Wu Shuwen (Mathematics Department), Xie Feng (Mathematics Department), Yang Hui (Mathematics Department) and Shao Qiang (Electronics Department). They have spent about 2 months in thinking and amending the design over and over again, and finally completing three bio-robots with exquisite structure; respectively, they are a nearly one meter long intelligent power-driven crocodile, a chick that is able to dance as well as a boa constrictor. The intelligent power-driven crocodile, taking advantage of two electrical machines to make the four legs move, and achieving the body’s coordinate exercise by the use of two controllers, was the most remarkable robot among the three works, attaining general commendations from the participated teachers and students. In order to make the huge body be able to walk, the two controllers need to be able to communicate with each other to coordinate various exercise instructions; that means the students need to accountably design the whole crocodile’s sensor and transmission mechanism. During the process of establishment, the students have overcome sundry troublesome technical problems. Hence the work successfully demonstrates students’ excellent imagination, creativity, practical ability and programming ability. Eventually, the three bio-robots with exquisite structures won the first prizes.


Four students from Shantou University were divided into two groups to participate in the fire-fighting robot competition. Group One consisted of Chen Rongjie (Mathematics Department) and Li Huixian (Mathematics Department), and Group Two consisted of Liao Guiyin (Mathematics Department) and Chen Defeng (Physics Department). This year’s training objective before the contest was really clear, that was to strive for the best result. The training was carried out step by step according to the highest difficult standard. In fire-fighting robot competition, confronting with more than 60 strong competitors from throughout the land, the two groups from Shantou University both were really well-done. At last, Shantou University’s Group One obtained the second place with just tiny gap comparing with the champion. Shantou University’s Group Two obtained the fifth place. Since the total score is among the best of all the teams, Shantou University’s students are admitted to take part in next year’s international fire-fighting robot contest.


Translator: Zhengjinling