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Three STU Medical College students was admitted by Peking Union Medical College "Seven to Eight" program
Friday, 26 May 2017 15:39


Three students of Medical College, Li Ni, Liu Yitong and Mou Jingyu, passed the examination of  "Seven to Eight" program successfully, and they will finish the study of  "Seven to Eight" program in Peking Union Medical College. This achievement shows Shantou University’s progress in medical education reform and personnel training.


According to the cooperation agreement made by Shantou University Medical College and Peking Union Medical College, Shantou University Medical College has been in the rank of "Seven to Eight" program since 2015. Peking Union Medical College selects 3-4 students to participate in the two-year long additional training. When the students finish the training, they will get the doctor’s degree in 8-year clinical medicine.


The examination of "Seven to Eight" program is divided into two days, which covers all the knowledge of basic medicine, clinical medicine and English. The examination includes comprehensive examination of professional theory, English written test, interview and objective structured clinical examination, which has a high requirement for the student’s comprehensive quality and professional knowledge.



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