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Professor Liu Mingkang delivered a speech “Outlook for Chinese Markets 2018”on the Cheung Kong Forum.
Thursday, 11 January 2018 08:54


On January 10th, the first Cheung Kong Forum was held in the lecture hall. Professor Liu Mingkang delivered a speech “Outlook for Chinese Markets 2018” on the forum, and the forum was presided over by the principal of STU, Jiang Hong.


By analyzing the data of recent years, Professor Liu Mingkang made an overview of the social and economic prospects of China in 2018. At the same time, he pointed out the existing problems of China's economic development by analyzing the data of the credit market, money market, overseas bond market, stock market and China's Banking system, and he emphasized that it was very important to carry out more reforms to overcome the current difficulties and challenges.


In the concluding remarks, Jiang Hong said that Professor Liu Mingkang's professional report has inspired many teachers and students, which has not only enhanced the teachers and students’ confidence of the future development of China, but also left many thoughts for them about how to deal with difficulties and challenges. At last, Jiang Hong expressed her gratitude to Professor Liu Mingkang for his help to Shantou University, and she said that Professor Liu Mingkang would come to the school every year to communicate with the teachers and students.


Later, Professor Liu Mingkang interacted with the teachers and students and answered their questions about the time cycle of deactivation, the development of Sino US trade relationship, and the relationship between total factor productivity and the structural reform of the supply side.


The establishment of the Cheung Kong Forum is a major measure for the school to carry out ideological and cultural construction, strengthen academic communication and promote the campus spirit culture construction. Cheung Kong Forum is held twice or three times every year. This forum received strong responses from the teachers and students in the school, and nearly 200 people participated in the forum.