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STU Business School receives EPAS International Certification again
Tuesday, 06 March 2018 10:05


On February 27, receiving a formal notification from the European Foundation for Management Development(EFMD) ,Shantou University Business School has obtained the official certification of EFMD Programme Accreditation system.


Shantou University Business School has obtained EPAS international certification in February, 2012, and the major of business administration has become the first EPAS major in Asia. In February 2015, all undergraduate majors of Shantou University obtained EPAS international certification.


From November 15 to 17, 2017, experts from EPAS International Certification and Appraisal Group visited Shantou University, and conducted a field trip of Shantou Business School in accordance with EFMD Education quality Standards.With strict professional standards, meticulous work style and perceptive acumen, EPAS experts conducted a comprehensive inspect of the self-assessment report materials, school and college resources and the school leadership during the period of Shantou University. Holding a number of forums with school functional departments, business school teachers, administrators, students, alumni, graduate employers and other representatives,which discusses the institutional environment, professional design, professional implementation, training results and quality assurance, etc.A detailed investigation was carried out.After assessment, the European Management Development Foundation (EDF) awarded the EPAS certificate to Shantou Business School again.


EPAS international certification will help Shantou University of Business School to improve the sustainable development mechanism, accelerate the implementation of the college's development strategy and international brand building, and provide a broader space for the career development of college teachers and students.


EPAS,the English name is EFMD Programme Accreditation system, and the Chinese name is "欧洲管理发展专业认证体系". It is one of the two international educational quality certification systems developed by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFDF).It mainly evaluates the quality of running schools and the degree of internationalization of business administration majors at all levels.The quality certification system adheres to a rigorous and meticulous style. The corporate philosophy,keep improving, is famous all over the world.Only HSBC School of Business of Peking University and School of Business of Shantou University have obtained the certification in Chinese mainland.A total of 82 business schools in 38 countries have received the certification.