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STU Students Join Project Sunrise Tutor Service for Summer Vacation
Tuesday, 10 August 2010 15:48


Promoted and funded by the Li Ka Shing Foundation, Project Sunrise Tutor, a long-term volunteer tutoring service project, was launched in 2002 to benefit the children of poor families living in Shantou. Over the past 8 years, the project has developed into one of the largest teams of long-term tutoring services among the universities in Guangdong. During the 2010 summer vacation, the Service Learning Pattern applied by Project Sunrise Tutor was the first pilot project of the community service course. The Project Sunrise Tutor Service course aims to meet the needs of the people it serves to the greatest extent while also helping students gain a better understanding of the project and apply their knowledge and skills through a planned service activity and structured reflection process. In this way, it is hoped that students will develop a spirit of dedication, a sense of social responsibility and social service skills while expanding their overall qualities. This course was divided into three sessions that included a training course, community service practicum and an experience sharing session. All together 54 students participated by selecting the course in the Credit Management System. A student from Hong Kong University also joined the workshop for Chaozhou Yingfeng Primary School.


The training courses took place from July 22nd to 23rd.. Through class lectures and quality development programs, the instructors helped the volunteers to develop a general understanding of Service Learning Pattern, course design, teaching skills and planning. Based on the idea of Service Learning, the instructors made good use of the volunteers’ initiative and encouragingly guided them to make teaching plans, design and prepare courses as well as set learning goals and schemes according to an investigation of the places where they would deliver services. On July 24th, the volunteers were grouped into three workshops and went to three different sites -----Chaozhou Yingfeng Primary School, Shantou Waisha Chinese High School and Baiheyuan Community where they carried out the four-day public community service for local students and citizens. The services primarily included teaching support and assistance in teaching preparations, as well as designing and implementing their own courses. The instructors encouraged the volunteers to give full scope to their own abilities and ideas. While they were helping the students in the countryside and bringing vitality to rural compulsory education, they were also putting their professional skills into practice and improving their abilities through continuous self-reflection and plan adjustment.


On the evening of July 29th, an experience summarizing and sharing meeting about the Project Sunrise Tutor Service course was held in Classroom E207. Each group of volunteers took turns to show their work, experience and results by means of lectures or videos. They shared their reflections and feelings about the activity and all the unforgettable things that happened in the workshop, and other students all joined in to share their own ideas. The instructors also attended the meeting and said that they had witnessed the progress of all the volunteers during the service practicum. They commended and praised the volunteers for their hard work and expressed their hope that all the volunteers had gained a better understanding of the Service Learning idea and would integrate the knowledge and skills they had learned into their own lives. 


The activity has achieved the desired results. The volunteers brought the students participating in the workshop an unforgettable summer vacation and helped them broaden their horizons, enlarge their experience as well as improve personal qualities. At the same time, they enriched themselves and developed a sense of social responsibility, along with a spirit of dedication and teamwork. They improved their skills in communicating, planning, project implementation and problem-solving while establishing a good image as STU students and expanding the influence of Shantou University and its Project Sunrise Tutor.


Translated by Wu Jiaxuan (07 English)