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First Art Festival Unveiled at STU
Monday, 18 October 2010 15:18


On the evening of September 27th, the beautiful sound of a brass quintet ran through the Science Lecture Hall at STU. Encore Brass, a brass quintet band from Xinghai Conservatory of Music led by Prof. Li Anguo, Vice Director of the Orchestra Department, held a concert here, and every seat was filled. Among the local and foreign experts in attendance were Kan Tai-keung (Dean of Cheung Kong School of Art & Design), Vice Dean Wang Shouzhi, Consultant Tseng Sun-man, and Chief Executive Officer Li Kaiyi. Also in attendance were Dr. Annemarie Jaeggi (Director, Bauhaus Archive Berlin) and Prof. Dr. Rudolf Lückmann from Dessau Anhalt University who were on campus for the Bauhaus International Conference.

As the tuba began to play on the stage, the band members slowly appeared from among the audience and joined in the music. The first song of the night was a fantasia adapted from Bizet's opera Carmen. Such outstanding pieces as Song of the Guerrillas, Dance of the Swans, The Half-Moon Rises were performed on the stage that night. During the second half of the concert, soloist Guo Zheng (Honored Guest, Associate Professor of the Orchestra Department at Xinghai Conservatory of Music, and one time Chief Representative of Trombone in the Guangzhou Symphony) played the well-known Gada Plum Forest accompanied by Feng Yuebing (Lecturer, Center of Art Education in STU). The emotions of the audience were aroused by the familiar strains of Lift Up Your Veil, Serenade for Strings in G Minor, and William Tell. The excellent performance brought round after round of applause for which the band played two more songs.

The history of the brass quintet band at Xinghai Conservatory of Music can be traced back to the mid-'70s. The band was re-formed in 2003 by Li Guo'an, Symphony Director at Xinghai Conservatory of Music. Encore Brass, the quintet that performed at STU this night, was set up at the end of 2007. They won third place in the Orchestral & Chamber Music competition of Central Conservatory of Music in 2009 and were also granted "Outstanding Award" in the China Golden Bell Award in the same year.

This concert was the debut of the STU Art Festival hosted by Cheung Kong School of Art & Design. The next heavyweight performance is the Colleen Lee Piano Recital held in the Great Hall on October 17th. This is the first Art Festival to be held on the STU campus. The Center for Art Education expects to take the students to the colossal world of art, enhance artistic culture on campus, and cater to a strong artistic atmosphere by inviting maestros and members of professional conservatories and groups to perform at Shantou University.


Translated by Feng Zhikun (07 English)