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A Return to Tradition: Mountain Climbing on Double Ninth Festival
Monday, 18 October 2010 11:16


On the afternoon of Oct 15, the Labor Union of Shantou University (STU) organized some mountain climbing for faculty and staff of the university. President Xu Xiaohu, Deputy Party Secretary Luo Jianchao, President’s Assistant Wulan Hasi, along with nearly 200 faculty and staff, participated in the event.

At 3pm, Mr. Luo rang the gong and all the faculty and staff strode out on their journey, unwilling to lag behind. They helped and encouraged each other, approaching the top with the guidance of a big flag. They talked about school and families, sharing their friendships while appreciating the beautiful scenery on the way. After reaching the top of the mountain, big smiles of passion and happiness spread across everyone’s face. They took pictures together to remember this special day. 

The faculty and staff returned to the starting point to get souvenirs and draw lots for prizes after climbing the mountain. The event ended successfully with the laughter of the participants.

Translated by Chen Chen (08 Journalism)