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The Medical college of Shantou University gained a significant international cooperation project of National Natural Science Foundation


Recently, the National Natural Science Foundation released the result of the review of major international cooperation project in 2013. The project, “optical molecular imaging techniques to monitor notch3 signaling pathway mediated breast epithelial-mesenchymal transition” attained the subsidization with the funds of 2,800,000 Yuan. The project was led by the Dean of the Tumor Hospital of Medical College of STU, Professor Zhang Guojun, with Professor Wanjun, who comes from Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong, etc. as partners. They declared the project together.


The assessment of the project was very strict and extremely competitive. The project has passed peer communication review, expert review and oral defense. The College of Science Research Department and the Science and Education Division of Tumor Hospital also organized a thesis defense seriously. The project shows the research of the college’s transformation of optical molecular imaging and breast cancer has been the leading domestic and up to the international standards. The project has the advantage of high level international scientific collaboration, which demonstrates the platform for experiments, built by the college has proved to be effective, and it is of great significance for enhancing the overall research level of colleges as well as Cancer Hospital and further strengthen cooperation with international leading research institutes.


In addition, the National Natural Science Fund Committee also released a list of 2013 National Funds which shows that so far a total of 30 subjects of Medical College obtained the subsidization (except that the National Fund-Guangdong Union Fund has not yet finished review). The subsidy rate is 18.98%, including a major program of international cooperation, 14 general programs, 11 Youth Fund, 4 international (regional) cooperation programs. The total funds are 15.155 million, which has increased 8.7%, compared to last year.

Translator: zhenjinling