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Vice President : FENG Xinglei

September 1982 – July 1987Studying in Guangdong Normal School of Foreign LanguagesJuly 1987 – July 1989Working in Foreign Affairs Section, General Office of the Guangdong Department of EducationJuly 1989 – June 1990Further education in the Education Center and University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont, USAJune 1990 – February 2000Working in Foreign Affairs Office, Guangdong Department of Education1995-1998On-the-job postgraduate student in Department of Philosophy, Sun Yat-sen University (obtained the Master of Philosophy degree in 2000)
February 1996 – August 1996 Serving temporary position in General Office of Guangdong Experimental High SchoolFebruary 2000 – January 2012Guangdong Department of Education; responsible for policy making, approval and management of Sino-foreign cooperation in education in Guangdong province, internationalization of higher education in Guangdong, as well as affairs related to overseas students management and schooling for children of foreign teachers in Guangdong universitiesMay 2008Training class of public management in Finland for civil servant of Guangdong province2009-2012Organizing and involved in the research of the internationalization of Guangdong universities, and leading the evaluation work for 14 Guangdong universities in terms of their internationalization.January 2012 – April 2016Director of the International Cooperation Office of Guangdong Department of Education, in charge of the international educational exchanges and cooperation of GuangdongApril 2016 – June 2016Director of the Physical, Hygiene & Arts Education Office of the Guangdong Department of Education, in charge of the work related to physical, hygiene, arts and national defense education in Guangdong schoolsJune 2016- Dec. 2018CCP Party Committee standing committee member & Vice President of Shantou UniversityAug. 2016- March 2018Vice President of Guangdong Technion Israel Institute of Technology (Concurrent Post)Dec. 2018-NowCCP Party Committee standing committee member、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission & Dean of School of Residential Colleges