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Jiang Hong

Dr. Jiang Hong, the current Party (CPC) Secretary of Shantou University, received her PhD. in Management from Management School of Jinan University, and is professor and doctoral supervisor. Prior to joining Shantou University as the Party Secretary & President in March 2017, Dr. Jiang was the Deputy Party Secretary and Secretary of Disciplinary Inspection & Supervision in Southern Medical University.

Dr. Jiang’s research interests focus on capital operation and financial management, auditing theory and application, internal control and risk management, as well as public health policy and management. She also holds concurrent posts as Vice-chairman of China Health Law Society, Chairman of Guangdong Research Association of Health Law, member of the Asian Science Camp International Committee (ASCIC), and has been appointed by China Education Association for International Exchange as one of the founding members of the Special Committee of Education, Women & Sustainable Development