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STU held the theme education mobilization and deployment meeting

On the morning of September 17, Shantou university held the theme education mobilization and deployment meeting of "remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind" in the Science Hall.

Jiang Hong, Secretary of the Party Committee and principle of Shantou university, made mobilization speeches and deployed thematic education in the whole university. Chen Xiaoyang, leader of the 14th Circuit Guidance Group of the Provincial Party Committee, attended the meeting and made guidance speech. Jiang Liao, Wang Lixin and other four members of the 14th Circuit Guidance Group attended the meeting for guidance.

Members of the leading group and office of school theme edition, school leaders, members of Party Committees and discipline committees, members of the Party Committee from each department, leaders of democratic parties, representatives of retired Party members, teachers and students Party members, also attended the meeting.

The meeting was presided over by Zhou Zhensong, Deputy Secretary of the University Party Committee. Jiang Hong pointed in her speech that we should take a higher political stand and a stronger ideological consciousness, and earnestly enhance the sense of responsibility and mission in carrying out thematic education. The thematic education is the concrete action of school Party leading cadres, and Party organizations of all levels to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping’s new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics. It is an inevitable requirement for advancing the great project of Party building in the new era, and is the proper meaning of strengthening the sense of purpose and close the relationship between the Party and the masses. It is also the important measures for the school Party Committee to the accelerate the construction of a high level university. We should thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as the fundamental task, and comprehensively grasp the general requirements of "guarding the original heart, taking responsibility, finding gaps and carrying out". We must adhere to grasp the ideological understanding in place, grasp the problem in place, grasp the implementation of rectification in place, grasp the organization and leadership in place. We should fully draw on the successful experience of the first group of thematic education, solve all kinds of problems that violate our original aspiration and mission with the spirit of thorough self-revolution, and strive to achieve the goals of gaining harvest in theoretical study, being baptized in ideological and political affairs, being responsible for starting a business, serving the people and setting a good example.

Jiang Hong pointed that we should promote the development of school thematic education in an all-round way with stricter requirements and more concrete measures. We should conscientiously implement the deployment of the central and provincial Party committees, adhere to highlighting the key points on the basis of the implementation of comprehensive target-matching tables, drive the "overwhelming majority" with "key minorities", and take the leading bodies of schools with departments and Party branches at the grass-roots level to form a working pattern of grasping implementation at the first level. We should insist on proceeding from reality and according to the characteristics of different departments, fields and objects, we should make scientific and reasonable arrangements, classify guidance and implement precise policies. We should not only ensure full coverage, but also strengthen pertinence and effectiveness, so as to effectively enhance the overall effect of thematic education. Jiang Hong stressed that stronger organizational leadership and a stronger work style should be adopted to ensure solid results in thematic education in the university. Strengthen organizational leadership, adhere to high standards to perform their duties; Receiving supervision and guidance, combining the development of thematic education with the current tasks of reform, development and stability; strengthen publicity and guidance, thoroughly publicize the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech and instructions on thematic education, and the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the requirements of provincial Party Committees, so as to reflect the progress and actual results of thematic education in a timely manner; carry out thematic education with good style, for all sorts of problems that may appear in subject education, we should predict in advance and prevent them effectively. Jiang Hong pointed out that it is a relay race to build Shantou University into a research university that integrates the arts, science, medicine and engineering, and with the cross disciplinary characteristics of disciplines. She called on all the people of Shantou University to return true to their original aspiration and remember their mission, and consciously raise the great banner of Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, be good dreamers of thetimes.In Chen Xiaoyang’s guidance speech, he affirmed the comprehensive and focused implementation plan and work arrangement of thematic education in the Party Committee system of the Shantou University, and put forward five opinions on the implementation of various tasks of promoting thematic education.

First, is to improve ideological understanding. We should unify our thinking and understanding, improve our political standing, clarify our goals and tasks, and strengthen our confidence and determination. We should unify our thinking and action to the central government's deployment and the requirements of the provincial Party Committee.

Second, we must keep in mind the overall requirements. To carry out the general requirements of "keep the original aspiration, undertake the mission, find the gap, grasp the implementation", insist on grasping the ideological understanding in place, grasp the inspection problem in place, grasp the rectification and implementation in place, grasp the organization and leadership in place, and solve all kinds of problems that violate the original intention and mission with a thorough self-revolutionary spirit.

Third, we will promote the "four key measures" as a whole. The circuit guidance group will cooperate with the school Party Committee to promote the creative work in combination with the actual situation, make a solid and proper foundation for each basic requirement, give overall consideration to each other and make careful arrangements, and promote each measure to be implemented by participating in the school Party Committee's key meetings and activities on the thematic education.

Fourth, we will focus on solving outstanding problems. In particular, we need to thoroughly carry out the task of rectifying outstanding problems in eight areas as laid down by the central government, focus on the rectification and implementation of eight special rectification projects, so as to measure the effect of thematic education according to the actual results of rectification and implementation.

Fifth, we should strengthen organizational leadership. The Party Committee of the university should take the development of thematic education as an important political task, earnestly shoulder the responsibility, pay attention to the leadership of the organization, with a more pragmatic style and effective measures to grasp the solid, improve the quality of theme education. We should consolidate the responsibility of leaders, strengthen supervision and guidance, do a good job in linking up and linkage, adhere to overall planning, strengthen publicity, pay attention to open the door for education. In particular, we must combat formalism, bureaucracy and prevent them from piling on layers of work and burdening the community.

The mobilization deployment meeting marked that Shantou University’s " remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind " thematic education carried out in an all-round way.

In Zhou Zhensong’s speech, he expressed the hope that Party organizations at all levels and Party members and cadres at all levels would unite their ideas, strengthen their confidence, seize opportunities, resolutely comply with the requirements of the Central Committee and the Provincial Committee, and under the guidance of the 14th Tour Guiding Group of the Provincial Committee, with a high sense of political responsibility and mission, focus on the theme and take the initiative, and earnestly grasp the effectiveness of thematic education so as to make further progress. The state and better style of work provide a powerful impetus for the better and faster development of schools.