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STU won the national touch Rugby division championship

From May 22nd to 23rd, the 2021 national touch Rugby regional match (Beijing station) was held in Shunyi District of Beijing under the guidance of China Rugby Association and sponsored by Shunyi District Rugby Association. Shantou University Student touch rugby team won the University mixed group championship with 3 wins and 2 draws, and won the sports moral fashion award. This competition has set up 10 groups, attracting about 40 teams from all over the country to participate.

The touch rugby team of Shantou University is composed of 9 men and 5 women selected by the student touch Rugby association to participate in the competition of the mixed group of colleges and universities. In the group round robin on the 22nd, our school's touch rugby team won 1-2 and entered the knockout with the second place in the scoreboard. In the knockout competition, our school won the championship of the University mixed group.

Before the game, the touch rugby team of our school had a training for about half a month, and quickly improved the level of the team through tactics and physical training.